Seaweed and Apricot Facial Scrub

Seaweed and Apricot Facial Scrub

Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub

Green Angel Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub is an exceptional deep cleansing exfoliant which removes dead skin cells and removes impurities and excess oil that may clog the pores, but at the same time it has gentle emollients that nourish and moisturise, giving facial skin a radiant fresh appearance.  It contains four key natural ingredients:-

• Olive Kernel Powder which is natural exfoliant derived from olive seed.  These micro particles of olive stone powder gently remove dull, lifeless skin cells helping to reveal a more youthful radiant skin
• Apricot kernel Oil which contains vitamin A and E, which soothe the skin and slow signs of aging
• Soybean Oil which contains natural antioxidants and is an emollient which helps to soften and smooth the skin
• Selected Irish Seaweed extracts including; Toothed Wrack, Bladderwrack, Carrageen Moss and Knotted Wrack all which contain a vast array of vitamins, minerals, iodine and trace elements which are all essential for nurturing skin.

Always Exfoliate!

It really doesn’t matter how good your moisturiser is, if you do not exfoliate properly, as it will not absorb sufficiently into the skin through clogged pores.

Essential Oils /Active Ingredients

Apricot Kernel and Soya Oil, Crushed Olive Stone, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Irish Seaweed Extracts (Bladder Wrack, Toothed Wrack, Carrageen, Knotted Wrack), Sea Lavender Extract