Why buy Green Angel skincare products

What makes the Green Angel products special

By Dr. Kristie

What you put on your skin matters. As a family physician interested in skin health and anti-aging strategies, I'm familiar with the ingredients in many skin care products on the market. Some of the additives and ingredients in skin creams and lotions are irritating to the skin. Plus, I have concerns about whether some synthetic skin care ingredients are toxic. Your skin is not an impermeable barrier. Products you place on your skin can reach the deeper tissues and enter your body. What you put on your skin should be something you wouldn't hesitate to put into your body.


That's why I'm so excited about the Green Angel product line. Green Angel sources its skin and hair care ingredients directly from nature - not a laboratory. Each product is formulated with elements from Mother nature including botanical extracts, essential oils, and Irish seaweeds. As we age, it's important to treat our skin with kindness, nurture it, and protect it from the environment. With Green Angel, you can choose from a variety of nature-friendly products formulated to enhance the beauty of your skin and hair.


What makes the Green Angel line special? It combines skin-soothing ocean botanicals, like seaweed, with collagen - the perfect fusion of nature and science. Collagen is an essential protein found in your skin that keeps it firm and helps it resist wrinkling. Years of sun exposure and the aging process itself damages your skin's natural collagen. Products like Green Angel Seaweed and Collagen Face Cream help to replenish this anti-aging protein.


Seaweed is a rich source of iodine, minerals, and trace elements you find in the deeper regions of the ocean.  Through focused research, Green Angel has mastered the science of combining seaweed with skin-friendly essential oils so you can enjoy the benefits of both in one product. So powerful are the benefits of seaweed that it's sometimes referred to as a superfood for the skin.


The natural botanicals and essential oils in the Green Angel line also help to soothe inflammation. There's growing evidence that low-grade inflammation is a major contributor to skin aging. The Green Angel line includes products that nurture your skin as they supply it with a rich array of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, including antioxidant vitamins that help protect your skin cells against damage.


Green Angel takes skin and hair care out of the laboratory and back to nature with formulations that hydrate, calm, and protect your skin against the ravages of time. Plus, you can feel good about the fact that they don't test their products on animals.


If you're looking for a line that merges nature with science and captures the essence of nature with every product, you'll enjoy the Green Angel line as much as I do. Keeping your skin and hair healthy and looking its best is a no-brainer. Green Angel helps you do that - naturally.