Feel Unique with Skin Care from the Sea

Dr. Kristie

Feel Unique Skin care

You want the best for your skin - for it to be healthy and look its best. It matters what you put on it. Some skin care products are formulated with harsh, synthetic ingredients that disrupt your skin's natural moisture barrier. In the long run, that's not healthy for your skin. Plus, none of these products feel unique - they're made with the same ingredients you find in every other skin care product.

Is there an alternative? Rather than using ingredients that can irritate your skin, why not tap into the rich bounty that the sea offers? Health experts emphasize the health benefits that seaweed and other sea vegetables have internally. These plants that thrive in deep ocean waters are an abundant source of minerals and trace elements that many people don't get enough of. Plus, seaweed has the unique ability to bind to toxins such as heavy metals, giving your body a natural "detox."

The same wealth of minerals that support internal health are good for your skin too. The Green Angel line combines Irish seaweed with other components from the sea. They blend these ingredients with botanical extracts and essential oils that nurture and soothe your skin. These elements feel unique when you apply them, not like many skin care lines that contain irritating ingredients. 

Skin Protection That Feels Unique

Each day your skin is exposed to skin-damaging ultraviolet light and air pollution. These influences can damage delicate skin cells and break down the collagen and elastin that give your skin support. This is, ultimately, the force that drives skin ageing. Seaweed is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help defend your skin cells against environmental damage. The natural fatty acids in seaweed also calm your skin and reduce inflammation, another enemy of youthful skin.

No matter what your age, caring for your skin and protecting it from the environment is a priority - and the sooner you begin the better. Damage to your skin, from sunlight and environmental toxins is a major contributor to wrinkles and loss of skin firmness - and this damage is cumulative over a lifetime. Yet as experts point out, most skin ageing is "extrinsic," meaning it comes from lifestyle and the environment you expose your skin to rather than genetics and other factors that you have less control over. What you put on your skin - how you cleanse it, moisturise, and protect it - matters.

So what can you do to protect and nourish your skin? Start with a nourishing cleanser. A cleanser with plant extracts and essential oils removes impurities without damaging your skin's natural moisture barrier. A cleanser with Irish seaweed and natural salts lifts away dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, more radiant skin underneath. Every skin type needs moisture and ones formulated with elements from the sea along with plant-based oils and botanical s is a natural choice for all skin types. You'll find a variety of other products in the Green Angel line to help you achieve your skin care goals. Take advantage of them and enjoy the benefits that plant-based skin care, from land and sea, offers.